Page 1: Survey information for participants

Who is conducting this survey? 

This survey is being carried out by researchers at the NIHR Bristol Biomedical Research Centre which is a collaboration between the University of Bristol and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust. 

What is the survey about and why is it important? 

The purpose of the survey is to investigate whether people with an ileostomy receive the dietary advice they require. The results of the survey may be used to develop dietary interventions for ileostomy management to be tested in future research studies and to increase awareness amongst healthcare providers. 

What information are you collecting and how will it be used? 

The survey will not ask you to provide any identifiable information. This means that all responses are completely anonymous. Combined results from all completed surveys will be reported in publications and presented to relevant audiences. 

Should I complete this survey? 

If you have an ileostomy and are 16 years old or above, you are eligible to complete the survey. Your responses will help to inform researchers and healthcare providers about the dietary advice provided to people with an ileostomy. It is your choice whether or not to complete the survey. The more responses we receive, the more informative the results will be. 

How long will it take me to complete the survey? 

The survey should only take about 5-10 minutes to complete. 


If you have read all of the information above and agree to take part in the survey, please click "Next" to begin the questions...

Please note that you will be able to go back and change your answers until you select "Finish" at the end of the survey. Once you press "Finish" your answers will be added to the results and it will not be possible to withdraw your responses at this point.

Please read each question, any additional information provided, and all possible answers carefully before selecting your answer(s).