Page 1: Before you get started

Background Information

Schools provide a real opportunity to influence the health of our children. That said, we know that children only spend a quarter of their waking hours in school, and schools cannot therefore be expected to reduce the levels of childhood obesity in the UK on their own.

We want to understand what schools can do to help improve health outcomes in children, particularly around opportunities for physical activity and a good diet. There has been a lot of research done in this area, but many of the studies carried out couldn’t realistically be sustained or implemented in our schools because of the heavy demands on school time and resource.

We are going to review all the evidence on school-based obesity prevention programmes and identify the most useful and implementable parts of these programmes. We will identify what works, for who, and under what circumstances. But in order to understand what can realistically be implemented, we need your help – as a person working in the field of education.

We want to understand what resources schools have available to help improve the health of our children. We’d like to know what time, if any, schools have available to deliver health improvement initiatives. We’d also like to know whether schools have money and resources available to support these initiatives, and to understand who the best people are to deliver these initiatives – be that teachers or a third party.

We have seven questions in total in this survey, and we would really value you responses to each of these. If you have any questions, please send an email to